Mobiton is a robotic shell. By simply docking your Android™ device you can bring Mobiton to life, ready to assist you by hanging out on your desk. It can execute multiple tasks via the Android applications that has been programmed for it. You can use it as an assistant, play games with it, or even write your own applications that will suit your needs. 
  One of the most exciting things you can do with Mobiton would be to use the bundled Telepresence application. You can remotely connect to the robot from anywhere in the world in seconds to video-chat with your friends while being able to tilt/pan the camera and move around. You can control Mobiton from any platform, a PC, an Android device or an Apple® device.
  If you are on a touchscreen device, you can use the on screen Throttle and Joystick to have complete control on the robot. If not, you can use the robot by using your keyboard, just like playing a video game.
  Unlike any other video-chat method, your friends will not need to get in your camera view, will not need to move the device around to provide you a good angle. They will just relax and have a pleasant conversation with you, just if like you were there, since you will be able to manipulate your camera view yourself.
  Our telepresence application is built with Adobe® Air® technology to provide you a high resolution, fast peer-to-peer experience.


At the moment we are looking for investors to mass-produce Mobiton. If you are interested in investing or would like to know when it hits the market, e-mail us at   The ingenuity behind Mobiton is the fact that it is borrowing the hardware of the mobile device to work. It uses the screen, camera, networking and processing power of the mobile device, which the consumer already have. This way it can be produced at the fraction of the price of modern telepresence or household robots and can be presented to the customer in a very affordable way.